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@UB e-newsletter responses

Bruce Sanders (aka Odysseus), B.A. ’70 & B.A. ’70
Gail Dener, B.S. ’72
Carolyn Darch, ED.M. ’74
Ariel Shea, B.A. ’98
Meegan M. Michalek, M.A. ’01


tell us about yourself

College instructors are as varied as the students they teach. Tell us about some of your most memorable professors while at UB, and why.

  Charles Haynie

One of the most important professors to me was Charles Haynie (opposite), from the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Department. Active in the civil rights movement of the 1960s (including having been a Freedom Rider), he brought the benefit of his personal experience to teaching the history of civil rights and social activism. He avoided traditional textbooks in favor of personal narratives and news accounts and taught us to recognize ourselves as active participants in history. He was also a fount of knowledge about the history of activism on the UB campus, as well as one of the few professors to ever succeed in making an introductory statistics class seem interesting. He was a receptive, approachable person, as willing to listen as to lecture, and I think his presence was important for many of the leftist and progressive students on campus. I learned a lot from him, both personally and politically. Charlie passed away in 2001; he’s gone but most certainly not forgotten.

Ariel Shea, B.A. ’98
Washington, DC

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