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@UB e-newsletter responses

Bruce Sanders (aka Odysseus), B.A. 70 & B.A. 70
Gail Dener, B.S. 72
Carolyn Darch, ED.M. 74
Ariel Shea, B.A. 98
Meegan M. Michalek, M.A. 01


tell us about yourself

College instructors are as varied as the students they teach. Tell us about some of your most memorable professors while at UB, and why.

  John Sullivan

John Sullivan (opposite), classics, provost of arts and letters. In an earlier age, he might have been a wandering poet, charming the ladies with his wit. His parties, which I bartended, attracted everyone from Fiedler to Galbraith. He also made sure I had the funds to get through college by giving me projects to do at his house. Ave atque vale, John. As I think of these people, tears flow from my eyes, for them, for me. UB was a time of great possibility, of great hope, of great professors. We shall not see their likes again.

Bruce Sanders (aka Odysseus), B.A. 70 & B.A. 70
Buffalo, NY

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