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@UB e-newsletter responses

Bruce Sanders (aka Odysseus), B.A. 70 & B.A. 70
Gail Dener, B.S. 72
Carolyn Darch, ED.M. 74
Ariel Shea, B.A. 98
Meegan M. Michalek, M.A. 01


tell us about yourself

College instructors are as varied as the students they teach. Tell us about some of your most memorable professors while at UB, and why.

  Robert M. Cooper

Robert M. Cooper (opposite), professor in the School of Pharmacy, was one of the best. He had the knack for being almost like a host, and we were his guests on a tour of the profession. He was our friend, our mentor, and he truly wanted us to succeed. And, he had a fabulous sense of humor.

Gail Dener, B.S. 72
Parkville, MD

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