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from the Associate Vice President
Value of membership in UB Alumni Association is truly worth the cost


Membership brings a palpable sense of togetherness based on a common bond. To belong, according to Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, is “to be a member of a club, or organization, or set.” In the case of UB’s 182,000 graduates, the common bond is the university. No matter what school you graduated from or what year you took your degree, whether you live in the U.S. or in one of the 122 countries where our alumni reside, you are UB alumni. Indeed, you belong to this “club.”

Being a UB alumnus brings different benefits, some tangible and others intangible. If you are one of the 13,000 alumni who belong to the UB Alumni Association, you are contributing to its strength, because your dues go to support our abundance of programs, services and events across the country and abroad. Indeed, the programs and events are not limited to dues-paying members, but are available to all UB alumni. However, as more alumni join the association, the breadth and scope of what can be offered to you and your fellow club members is enhanced.

The most recent service we implemented for your benefit is UB Connect, our new online community that is designed to help you communicate with your fellow classmates and with UB in many different ways, such as class notes, permanent e-mail forwarding and a searchable alumni directory, plus postings of positions and resumes.

The UB Alumni Association works hard to enhance the value of being a UB alumnus. Like any other business organization, however, it must work within a budget. For the past 10 years, annual dues have been held at a modest $30, even though new services such as UB Connect have been initiated, and UB Today continues to be published three times a year. During this time, the number of alumni has increased dramatically and the number of chapters has tripled. We have been able to expand our services not by passing on our increasing costs to our customers, but through a continual realignment of revenues to meet the needs of our alumni base.

However, due to these factors of expansion, the UB Alumni Association board of directors recently decided to increase membership dues. An annual single membership will cost $40, enabling the association to continue serving as many alumni as possible. The increase in membership dues took effect this month.

I sincerely hope you join us in our effort to be of value by becoming a member if you haven’t done so already.

Robert O. Davies
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

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