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from the Associate Vice President
Announcing an online community—the ultimate alumni chapter


Here’s an impressive statistic: UB has 184,000 alumni living in 122 countries. A related, and equally daunting, thought: The UB Alumni Association attempts to keep track of each of them. This Herculean task becomes even more challenging with each graduating class. In May, for instance, another 7,100 graduates joined the ranks of UB alumni worldwide, reflecting degrees received from September 2003 through commencement.

Now, however, there is a terrific solution to this ever-mounting communications challenge—in effect, the ultimate alumni association chapter—namely, UB Connect.

Over the past year, we labored to find an effective way to communicate with our huge alumni base in a manner that makes sense to all of you and to your individual interests. We believe that UB Connect responds precisely to what we see as interrelated components of communicating, connecting, involving and engaging our alumni.

Using this continuum as our guide, we have diligently striven to provide programs, services and events to fulfill the needs of our myriad alumni. Not only are the components of this continuum interrelated, but they also represent a progression of alumni interaction.

An exclusive benefit for UB alumni, UB Connect is designed to allow you to communicate easily and efficiently with UB and your fellow classmates in many different ways. And, very importantly, you will be able to participate in UB Connect on your own terms and at your convenience.

UB Connect offers many services, including class notes, permanent e-mail forwarding, a searchable alumni directory, events listings and online registration, plus many other features that allow you to remain in touch with your friends and with UB. The future will bring job and résumé-posting services, as well as chapter pages.

Our ultimate goal is to engage as many alumni as possible to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. In order for this to occur, we must continue to develop and implement publications that communicate with alumni, such as UB Today, as well as generate a variety of ways for alumni to connect and be involved with the university. Our alumni chapter system in the U.S. and around the world is one such tool; it provides programs and services in which we are able to engage alumni through communication, events, projects that connect alumni with each other, and volunteer opportunities that appeal to an increasing number of alumni in meaningful ways.

We encourage you to take advantage of UB Connect and all it has to offer. To help you make the first step, we are holding a UB Connect contest. All you have to do to enter is register by December 31, 2004. Please refer to the inside front cover of the magazine for all the exciting details. I look forward to seeing you online!

Robert O. Davies
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

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