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People of Note
Edward J. Willett, B.A. 1969
Kenneth M. Jones II, M.A. 1984
Lauren Fix, B.S. 1986
Daniel Karlson, B.A. 1997
Jason Gross, B.A. 1998


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Jason Gross, B.A. 1998

Jason Gross, B.A. 1998, is running across the United States to raise money to support the American Diabetes Association. He began his run July 4, 2004, in New York City, and hopes to end the 3,300 mile-trek in Los Angeles sometime in December. To follow his progress, go to www.diabetesrun.com.

Gross’s motivation came from losing his grandfather to diabetes, and the fact that his own weight was growing at an unhealthy rate, placing him at risk for the disease. Gross started running to lose weight after graduating and has since lost 100 pounds, curbing his risk for diabetes. In addition to the weight loss, he has participated in half a dozen marathons and joined a running club.

Gross recently told the UB Reporter that he wished he had taken advantage of the university’s opportunities to be active. “Though it’s nearly impossible in school, make an effort to be healthy—the UB campus offers many opportunities to be active,” he urges present-day students. “I didn’t take advantage of them in college, but wish I would have.” He resides in Washington, DC, and works in Rockville, MD, as a membership manager for a trade association.

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