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People of Note
Edward J. Willett, B.A. 1969
Kenneth M. Jones II, M.A. 1984
Lauren Fix, B.S. 1986
Daniel Karlson, B.A. 1997
Jason Gross, B.A. 1998


tell us about yourself

Lauren Fix, B.S. 1986

Lauren Fix, B.S. 1986, is dedicated to educating people about buying and maintaining cars and driving safely. With her down-to-earth advice and demeanor, she has become an often-sought guest on the Today Show, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, Living it up! with Ali and Jack and a host of other media. Fix also appears regularly on a television show, Talk 2 DIY—Automotive, which runs seven days a week on the Scripps-owned network DIY.

When Fix decided to go to college, she didn’t go into automotive engineering, despite her experience racing cars as an amateur and working in her dad’s brake remanufacturing shop. “My father told me that engineers don’t make money,” she says, laughing. She enrolled at UB with a major—business administration—that meshed perfectly with her other passion: “I love to get companies going and make them successful,” she says. Shortly after graduation, she started her own auto racing school. Before long a producer at Motorweek on PBS asked her to appear on the show.

Then, in 1998, Fix got the call—from the Oprah Winfrey Show’s producer, who had found her name on the Internet. She talked about driving safety, winter driving techniques and other vehicle topics geared toward women, and Oprah invited Fix back in 2000 and 2002. Her appearances led to many of her current activities—including serving as a spokesperson for Pennzoil and Fix-a-Flat, as well as for the Car Care Council. She’s co-executive producer and host of a television show called Get Car Smarts that will air this fall on the PAX Network, and has a third book to her credit, The Car Bible.

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