UB Today Alumni Magazine Online - Winter 2004
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People of Note
Donna C. Maheady, M.S. 1981
Aristides Docoslis, Ph.D. 2000 & M.S. 1999
Michelle C. Bligh, Ph.D. 2002 & M.S. 1998
Wenfan Yan, Ph.D. ’91 & M.A. ’89


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Aristides Docoslis, Ph.D. 2000 & M.S. 1999

DocoslisAristides Docoslis, Ph.D. 2000 & M.S. 1999, has been selected as a Canada Research Chair in colloids and nanoscale engineering at Queen’s University of Kingston, Ontario, where he is assistant professor of chemical engineering.

Those chosen as Canadian Research Chairs collaborate to enable Canadian universities, along with their affiliated research institutes and hospitals, to achieve the highest levels of research excellence to become world-class research centers.

As a research chair in colloids and nanoscale engineering, Docoslis will focus his research on developing methods and designing tools to manipulate and organize nanoparticles using electric fields. The creation of these microstructures could lead to new advancements in nanostructured materials and microdevices that can be used in automobiles, communications, fuel cells and the health and computing industries. Docoslis resides in Buffalo, NY.

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