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People of Note
Jan Sadlak, Ph.D. 1988
Sylvester Wise, Ed.M. 1968
Rebecca Monck, J.D. '99 & B.A. '96
Jonas Zdanys, Ph.D. 1975
Jonathan Solomon, J.D. 1983 & B.A. 1980


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Rebecca Monck, J.D. '99 & B.A. '96

Reached at her New York City office, Rebecca Monckspoke to UB Today about being an associate in the law firm of Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Silberberg PC and about her current case—defending home decorating and cooking maven Martha Stewart.

When Rebecca Monck graduated from UB Law School in 1999, little did she suspect that she would soon be part of a criminal defense team representing high-profile individuals like Stewart. But that is exactly where she finds herself now, as an associate with Morvillo Abramowitz, which specializes in white-collar criminal cases. Along with two of the firm's partners, Robert G. Morvillo and John J. Tigue, Monck is defending Stewart, who was indicted on charges surrounding her sale of ImClone Systems Inc. stock in December 2001. As of this writing, the case is slated for trial to begin in January 2004. Until then, Monck and her colleagues expect to be immersed in trial preparation, submitting pretrial motions, preparing for oral arguments on those motions, as well as strategizing the defense.

The challenge for lawyers working on high-profile cases is that their every move is scrutinized, and each strategy is looked at under a magnifying glass, Monck says. As for her training, Monck attributes her success as an attorney directly to UB. "I received amazing training at law school," she says. "In addition to my professors, the lawyers and judges who took time out to work with us to such anextent—I don't think I'd be where I am now without their help and encouragement."

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