UB Today Alumni Magazine Online - Spring/Summer 2002
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From the Associate Vice President

Partnerships hold promise for both
alumni and the university


The University at Buffalo Alumni Association exists to serve two main purposes. One is to support and advance the goals, objectives and mission of UB. The other is to assist and support you—our alumni—and provide you with opportunities for continued personal and professional growth.

To accomplish these two aims, we are diligently working with other departments and offices at the university, forging partnerships that will allow us to offer you opportunities to continue to receive services from UB—as well as opportunities for you, in return, to assist the university at this critical point in its growth and development.

One such partnership is with UB's Office of Career Planning and Placement (CPP). Over the past few years, CPP director Daniel J. Ryan, Ph.D. '97, has made major changes in his office that have led to significant improvements in the assistance it renders to our current students. Moreover, these services can be “exported” from UB to assist our alumni in their own career development paths, as well. Our plan is to provide an educational tool that alumni can use to gain insights not only into career advancement for themselves, but also into the intricacies of recruiting and hiring employees, including UB alumni and graduating students. Pilot programs are currently being planned for several locations around the country.

In our partnership with the Office of Admissions, we will be assisting UB as the university aggressively seeks to attract top students. Specifically, we are piloting a program that will empower alumni to be tremendous assets in bolstering our student profile. Our “Alumni Ambassadors” will be in contact with prospective students who have shown an interest in UB, providing them with an insider's view, advising them on their applications and offering tips on how to succeed as UB students.

As powerful and productive as our partnerships are, it would be impossible for the UB Alumni Association to achieve any of our goals without the support of the thousands of volunteers who actively work on and participate in our programs—nor could we offer any services at all if it were not for the more than 12,000 alumni who have joined the UB Alumni Association to date.

The UB Alumni Association is an active organization with an incredible reach and enormous potential for growth. We can obviously do more, and we plan to. But we need your help. Become a member of the UB Alumni Association now. Not only will you be demonstrating your pride in UB, but you will be helping the university and its 170,000+ alumni by supporting our initiatives with your time, your talent and your membership.

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