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The Campaign for UB: Generation to Generation


    Right now, today, UB is brimming with possibilities. Over the last century and a half, the university has grown into one of the premier research institutions in the northeastern United States, and now enjoys an increasing national and international reputation.

    To help UB achieve its tremendous potential and promise, the university is embarking on a Campaign to raise the funds needed to take UB to a new level of greatness.

    In this special issue of UB Today, we’ll explore some of the university’s most notable achievements and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. More important, we’ll see UB through the eyes of its alumni and friends. For each person who has attended UB, there are personal dreams, cherished memories and noteworthy successes. In this special Campaign section, you’ll share some of those life events and celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of alumni young and old.

    UB has an almost infinite capacity to reinvent itself, to embrace the myriad possibilities of a diverse group of students and alumni—now more than 150,000 strong—in an ever-changing world. Each generation, each graduating class, every student has left a lasting imprint on the university’s traditions and history.

    Some of their stories are found in the following pages. We hope these voices remind us all that, through our support for UB and the Campaign, each of us can renew our own dreams and possibilities while at the same time helping future generations of UB students realize theirs.


    Stories are an age-old way to make sense of existence, to reconcile random occurrences and planned events, to interpret the past and better imagine the future.

    When UB development officers started talking with alumni and friends about their perceptions of the University at Buffalo today in preparation for The Campaign for UB, they noticed a distinct and common thread. Even when they took a few minutes to complain—"Where have you been? We haven't heard from you lately!"—these expressions of disaffection quickly dissolved into richly varied tales of how these friends remember the University at Buffalo (or, for older alumni, the University of Buffalo). As the stories came tumbling out, the UB development staff collected more than 200 tales over a three-year period—a collection that is still growing. Bruce Jackson, SUNY Distinguished Professor of English and a student of storytelling, served as inspirational guide to both storytellers and story-gatherers.



    From the original collection, here are 13 stories that tell of both the fantastic and the ordinary in UB lives.


To contribute your own stories about UB, or to inquire about the project, please contact Jessica Thorpe, director of campaign communications, at (716) 829-2630, ext. 348. Or visit the University Development website at www.ub-development.buffalo.edu.

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