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The Mail

Why the name change in UB’s marching band?


I noted with interest your article in the Winter 2000 issue of UB Today about the return of UB’s marching band after a 27-year absence. As a student from 1966-70, it is my recollection that in those days the band was called the Pride of the East, not Thunder of the East, which it now seems to be. Why the name change?

Michael G. Parker, B.A. ’70
New York, New York

Editor’s response:
    Frank Cipolla, UB professor emeritus of music and former marching band director, affirms that 'Pride of the East' was the marching band’s name during this era; moreover, it was an apt sobriquet. "That was the idea, to establish ourselves as one of the best bands in the East, and so we came up with the name." The years 1966-70 "were prime years of the band," with band members-up to 250 at one point-involved in a host of activities, including a fraternity and a sorority established within the band, and participation in the U.S. presidential inaugural parade of January 1969.
    According to current band director Mark Flynn, participating UB students chose 'Thunder of the East' for the revitalized ensemble and because of the similar name that Syracuse University now has for its marching ensemble, 'Pride of the Orange.' Flynn credits the students with "the whole idea of bringing back the band" following its lengthy absence from campus life.

Alumna returns to campus with her kids


    This past summer my family and I spent our vacation in Canada, stopping first for a couple of days in Buffalo. It was a very pleasant surprise. My itinerary included showing my children (ages 7, 10 and 12) the UB campus, "dining" at Duff’s and visiting some friends from my college days. Our first stop was the new stadium on the North Campus. We were lucky enough to have one of the football team managers show us around the stadium and fill us in on how sports at the university have improved over the past 21 years. We then visited the natatorium (swimming pool), which was the highlight for my children, who are all competitive swimmers. It is a wonderful venue for swimming competition. My children and I were very impressed.
    The next stop was the Ellicott dorms to find my old room. Not only was I able to remember the room, but there was a resident advisor on the floor who opened the door for us. She couldn’t believe I came back 25 years later to show my children my old dorm room. Not much had changed, and it brought back wonderful memories for me (most of which I would not repeat to my children!). Our trip also included a walk around the Main Street campus, which I did not recognize, and a trip downtown on the Buffalo metro system.
    I am so glad we made the trip, for my children and especially for me. I would certainly not mind my children benefiting from these terrific improvements in the coming years!

Sharon Price Strassberg, B.A. ’78
Scarsdale, New York

Surviving Pan-Am building is family holding


I received UB Today and immediately read the articles concerning the Pan-American Exposition. There is at least one state building standing today in addition to the New York State Building, now the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. Our family owns the structure that was the Wisconsin State Building at the exposition. Following the close of the exposition, it was moved to Point Abino, Ontario, for use as a summer home. My parents purchased the home in 1965 and have added to the collection of Pan-American Exposition trivia and collectibles that were in the house at that time.

Warren J. Alcock III, J.D. ’77 & B.A. ’74
Sarasota, Florida

Reader intrigued by web report on Pan-Am show


The website for UB Today is nicely done-many interesting aspects of the Pan-American Exposition are presented in a concise form. I did not know about the planned virtual tour, and I look forward to seeing it. I also think the PBS documentary is a great idea. Good luck with all your plans.

Kevin Coughlin
Buffalo, New York

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