UBToday Online Alumni Magazine -Spring 1997
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Arnold Berleant, Ph.D. '62

Eric C. Williams,
J.D. '65

Erin Peradotto,
J.D. '84 & B.A. '81

Tina M. Yee,
B.A. '93

Tina M. Yee, B.A. '93

Tina M. Yee, B.A. '93, is a television field producer for FX, Fox Cable TV in New York City. She travels around the country producing live segments for Personal FX: The Collectibles Show, reportedly the top-rated daytime cable TV show, with an audience of 35 million. Featured collectors have included a Massachusetts man who gathered 300,000 marbles and a New Jersey woman who amassed 10 million tea bags. In addition to profiling "super collectors" discovered nationwide, the show allows members of the public to have their treasures appraised by experts and possibly to sell them on the air.

Tina M. Yee Each month Yee, who majored in communication and psychology at UB, works about 10 days on the road and 18 days back in Manhattan. When she's on assignment, she spends the first few days alone scouting the proposed program, and verifying that the collections are what they purport to be; then she makes sure that the satellite truck and equipment arrive on schedule from various parts of the country, and that other logistical details are smoothly arranged. She writes scripts and produces live studio sessions, too.

Among the perks of her job, she says, is the chance to visit her classmates-especially fellow former members of the UB cheerleading squad. "When I travel across the country," she says happily, "I get to see all my friends from UB!"

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