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Arnold Berleant, Ph.D. '62

Eric C. Williams,
J.D. '65

Erin Peradotto,
J.D. '84 & B.A. '81

Tina M. Yee,
B.A. '93

Arnold Berleant, Ph.D. '62

Arnold Berleant, Ph.D. '62, has been elected president of the International Association for Aesthetics, an organization of national societies of aesthetics and individual scholars. He is also president of the International Institute of Applied Aesthetics, based in Finland, which organizes educational programs internationally on the environment, design, architecture, and other areas of applied aesthetics.

Arnold Berleant Berleant's fourth book, Living in the Landscape: Toward an Aesthetics of Environment, was published earlier this year by the University Press of Kansas and has recently been issued as a paperback by Temple University Press. He has also written numerous articles and reviews on art, aesthetics, ethics, social philosophy, and other subjects. His writings have been translated into many languages, including Chinese, Greek, Russian, Finnish, Polish, Arabic and French.

Berleant, professor of philosophy emeritus at Long Island University, also studied at the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester. He continues to be active as a pianist and composer and is currently at work on a song cycle set to poems by Philip Booth.

Of his UB education, Berleant writes: "The small seminars and personal contact with my professors were immensely important to me, and the variety of philosophical standpoints represented in the department-which at that time was small-was especially helpful. I'm glad to see that the tradition of pluralism has continued to the present time.

"As for influential professors, like many of my generation, the influence of Marvin Farber was deep and broad. My interest and development in aesthetics was also greatly affected by Fritz Kaufmann. Both these professors were outstanding representatives of phenomenology, at that time a system of study not well known in this country."

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