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1950s Classnotes

Walter E. Bell, Ed.M. 1954 & B.A. 1932, retired from his position as a counselor supervisor for the WIVB-TV program, "Call for Action." A resident of Getzville, N.Y., he writes four-line poems and epigrams for the Buffalo News. "Succeed," published in 1989, reads, "We're all created equal/A happy thought indeed/But if we would reach the top/We must EXCEED! EXCEED!"

Alice M. Epps, B.A. 1954, received a doctoral degree from the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. Her dissertation, "The Perception of 'Home' by Children Living with Single Parent Families in Temporary Shelters," will be published in the near future.

Harold M. Updike, B.S. 1954, has published his third book, Emergency, which takes readers on an insider's tour of a hospital emergency room. All of his books are available through Vantage Press in New York City.

Janice (Nitsch) Mogavero Kirk, B.A. 1958, of West Chester, Pa., is coauthor, with her new husband, Pastor Dick Kirk, of Love Anew: A Primer On Recovering From Spousal Grief.

Ernest E. Siegel, B.A. 1958, is the owner of MI Appraisals Inc. He and his wife, Janet, professor of geography at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, live in Dover, Mass. with their daughter, who is a high school sophomore.

Donald V. Schmahl, B.A. 1959, of Castro Valley, Calif., retired from the U.S. Naval Reserves as a commander and was recently appointed vice president of Brennan & Associates, insurance brokers.

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