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On the road again
At the 1996 Congress and Exhibition of the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.) in Detroit, the world's largest annual gathering of engineers, the UB student chapter drove away with first prize. Their entry included the engine from the chapter's most recent supermileage car and a design for an electronic suspension for an Indy-style car.

Visit the S.A.E. Website for more information on the club's progress in formula and mini-baja competition, in addition to supermileage. A flotation- and propulsion-through-deep-water requirement will be part of the mini-baja competition in 1997.



Alcohol use and breast cancer ties

Can drinking alcoholic beverages increase the risk of developing breast cancer? If the answer is "yes," as many scientists suspect, what are the mechanisms involved, and are some women genetically more susceptible to the risk than others?

Scientists at UB will attempt to answer these and related questions through a $1.6 million grant from the U.S. Army's special program for breast cancer research.

"There is a fair amount of evidence that alcohol may be related to breast cancer," said Jo Freudenheim, UB associate professor of social and preventive medicine, who is heading the study. "But most research has used inadequate measures of alcohol intake. We will be making careful measures of lifetime alcohol consumption, as well as collecting data on diet, physical activity and reproductive history."


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