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"The Bison is King"

In 1915, Herbert U. Williams, M.D., 1889, wrote words and music for a song celebrating the bison and its associations with UB. The esteemed UB professor of pathology and bacteriology loved archaeology and detective stories, in addition to his wide-ranging medical interests. He was also known "to burst into verse and song, frequently and capably."

Now here's to the hippopotamus
who spends all his time in the mud.
The wolves and the foxes, the pigs, sheep and oxes,
And other things left from the flood.
Now here's to the jolly old snake,
who gave grandfather Adam the fall.
The shark and the snark and the whole Noah's Ark,
and the bison is king of them all.

The clouds are white, the sky is blue,
the color's right for me and you.
The red, green or yellow for some other fellow,
the bison is king of them all.

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