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UB Today

UB's new buffalo is a replica of a lost piece of Buffalo's heritage-the buffalo statue that once graced the concourse of the city's former Central Terminal. * The imposing, life-size bronze buffalo is temporarily housed in Alumni Arena until plans are finalized for its permanent installation in the new plaza in front of the Center for the Arts. * The bronze buffalo gives sculpted form to an important symbol of campus life. * Since the appearance of The University Bison in 1913-complete with a graphic of the animal on its cover-the American bison, commonly called buffalo, has been part of UB's visual representation. * From 1923 to the university's merger with SUNY in 1962, the UB seal included a rampant bison, significant of the city of Buffalo, mounted on a shield. * In 1982, the university returned to this buffalo seal, with some stylistic changes and an English-rather than Latin-inscription.*


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