Helping war-torn Bosnia

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International perspective

Helping war-torn Bosnia

THE UNIVERSITY'S English Language Institute (ELI) is exploring the possibility of opening an intensive English language program at Tuzla University in Bosnia.

Stephen C. Dunnett, institute director and UB vice provost for international education, said a representative of the ELI has visited Tuzla in Bosnia to determine how such a program might best be structured to meet the needs of the Bosnian people, with a peace agreement now in place.

"Bosnia will require tremendous reconstruction of every sector of its society," said Dunnett, a prime mover in the development of American overseas education programs. "Education is a top priority of both the Bosnian government and the international donor agencies that serve Bosnia," he said, "and we're very proud to have been asked to assist them in this effort." His office is now seeking external funding for the project.

John K. Fitzer, ELI assistant director for academic support services, traveled to Tuzla and met with the rector of Tuzla University. He has also met with personnel from the Tuzla Medical Center and with government and business representatives.

Fitzer traveled with a group of physicians from International Medical Relief of Western New York. The organization, founded and directed by Jacob Bergsland, has for several years sponsored an exchange program between health-care personnel in Bosnia and medical staff at the Buffalo General Hospital. This group has instructed Bosnian physicians about new medical procedures and helped better equip Tuzla Medical Center.