Perils of missing prescription info

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Perils of missing prescription info

Illegible handwriting isn't the only difficulty pharmacists encounter when filling prescriptions.

A recent study conducted by a UB pharmacy researcher found that information missing from prescription forms costs pharmacies an average of $6,084 annually.

"Our study shows that clarifying missing information from prescriptions is a time-consuming and expensive task for pharmacists," said Rose Mary J. Madejski, clinical assistant professor of pharmacy at UB who conducted the study.

Madejski noted that the problem also creates a cost for the physicians who fail to provide the information, since staff in their office must take the time to obtain the correct information and relay it to the pharmacist before he or she can fill the prescription.

The objective of the study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association, was to examine what it costs pharmacies each time a physician's office must be contacted for additional information to correctly fill a prescription.