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If you are using a graphical browser (such as Netscape or NCSA Mosaic), getting around eUB Today is accomplished by selecting the icons (or key words) that are located at the top of every page (if the page is particularly long, the same icons that appear on the top of the page will also be on the bottom of the page). The icons look like this:

[Go bottom]

This icon is used to jump to the bottom of an article or page you are reading. Select this when the text (or image) of an article is too large to fit on one screen.


This icon is used to jump to the top of an article or page you are reading.

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This icon is used to return back to the last page you were viewing. You can also use the back button in your browser.


This icon is used to send a comment to the editor of eUB Today.


This icon will bring you back to this Navigation page. If you get confused, or don't remember what an icon or link is for, just select this link.


This icon will return you to the eUB Today Archives Page.


This icon will take you to the UB WINGS web site, the University's current Campus Wide Information System (CWIS).


If you have any comments, questions, or would like more information about
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