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Medical classes provide gifts for scholarships

Ten classes from the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences celebrated their reunions in 1995, and made gifts to help future medical students. Classes presented gifts to the school totaling $160,000, by the most recent count.

Celebrating its 50th reunion, the medical school Class of 1945 pledged more than $70,000 to the school's reunion fund. Herbert Joyce, '45, chair of the class' fundraising efforts for the past 25 years, attributed the drive's success to the class' close-knit nature and unusual spirit.

"We were in medical school during wartime years," Joyce said. "The class inherently pulled together and we were there for each other. We're like a medical family." All medical school classes celebrating five-year reunions contributed to the Medical School Reunion Fund. The fund is used for scholarships to assist UB medical students by defraying the cost of obtaining a medical education.

Nearly 900 people participated in various festivities sponsored by the Medical School Alumni Association throughout Reunion Weekend, held April 28-30. Members of 10 classes, celebrating reunions every five years from 1945 and later, took part, according to John Richert, associate dean of alumni affairs for the medical school. The Class of 1945 has voiced a universal interest in holding a 55th reunion.

"We are very grateful to our alumni for their loyal, generous support," Richert said. "Alumni involvement is a key reason for the school's excellence and accomplishments."


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