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Law School receives grant from Key Bank for software

The Law School has received a gift of $16,500 from Key Bank of New York, in support of its career development office. The gift will assist the law school in expanding career placement services to law graduates.

"Due to Key Bank's support, law students and alumni will have much broader access to employment opportunities and will be able to conduct more focused and effective professional job searches," said Alan S. Carrel, vice dean for administration for the law school.

"Our talented and highly-skilled graduates are often in demand at leading law firms and businesses. Our enhanced placement services will help to foster more efficient communication with prospective employers."

"Key Bank is pleased to provide the necessary capital to help the University at Buffalo's Law School enhance services for its students and alumni," said Timothy Butler, Key Bank of New York senior vice president and Western New York senior commercial executive.

Key Bank's gift will be used to purchase a specialized computer software package specially designed to assist with job placements for law graduates, including an employer database system, a job-listings module and a student-employment tracking record.


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