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The university honors and thanks its leading supporters

UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO PRESIDENT and Mrs. William R. Greiner hosted a special reception in May to honor members of the Founders Society, a group of individuals whose cumulative lifetime gifts to the university total $50,000 or more.

"Our University Founders are not only people who began building UB 150 years ago; they are also people who help to shape us today through their extraordinary personal and philanthropic support. Every endeavor to which they contribute is the foundation of many more successes at UB and beyond," Greiner said.

"At a time when we are more dependent on private support than we have ever been in three decades as a public university," he continued, "UB relies on our generous, committed friends, like the University Founders, to help us be the comprehensive, innovative, high-quality institution that we are-and to take us even further in developing our strengths."

The evening included a special performance by students and faculty of the Department of Music created especially in honor of the Founders Society.

Philip B. Wels, chair of the UB Council, welcomed the Founders' members in attendance.

"As members of the University Founders Society, each of you has made a major contribution to UB's excellence," he said. "We, and the entire university community, are happy to have this opportunity to honor you," said Wels.

Also speaking was Lawrence P. Castellani, chair of the UB Foundation Inc.'s board of trustees and president and chief executive officer of Tops Markets Inc.

"As a result of your help, UB is truly great. As the University at Buffalo prepares for its 150th anniversary in 1996, it is receiving more and more national attention as one of America's path-breaking institutions of higher education.

"Under the leadership of President Bill Greiner," Castellani continued, "this university is making outstanding progress in research, undergraduate programs and collaborations with other sectors of society, with a more fluid exchange of ideas among its own people."


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