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Scholarship fund created to honor the memory of Provost Aaron N. Bloch

FRIENDS AND FAMILY of the late Provost Aaron N. Bloch have created "The Aaron N. Bloch Memorial Scholarship Fund" to provide financial assistance to deserving undergraduate students in the arts and sciences (see related article on page 2).

"Aaron was a visionary academic leader, deeply committed to students, and his enthusiasm for students was clear whenever he met with them or spoke of them," said UB President William R. Greiner. "Undergraduate education, in particular, was very important to him. And so this scholarship fund in his name is a fitting tribute, one that would mean a great deal to him. It certainly means a lot to his family."

Greiner thanked the faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the university who have contributed to the scholarship fund. "They are not only helping us remember a valued colleague and friend, but also making it possible for us to encourage talented students whose accomplishments and potential reflect Aaron's own high standards of intellectual and academic achievement."

The Bloch Fund will be administered by the vice provost for undergraduate education in conjunction with several deans. The recipients will rotate annually among the Faculties of Arts and Letters, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences.

One student recipient will be selected each year, and will be known as "The Aaron N. Bloch Scholar." The student will be chosen in his or her junior year, with the financial award to be used for support of the senior year at UB.

The award will go to an exceptional student who not only will have demonstrated academic distinction, but who will have revealed both originality and creativity and the promise of benefiting humanity in his or her lifetime.

Nicolas Goodman, vice provost for undergraduate education, said, "It is gratifying, in light of Aaron Bloch's commitment to increasing the excellence of our undergraduate programs, that this scholarship fund will benefit undergraduate students. As we face tuition increases, many talented students will require financial aid in order to complete their studies. The Bloch Memorial Fund will help to meet that need."

Gifts to the Bloch fund may be mailed to the UB Foundation at P.O. Box 590, Buffalo, NY 14260. Checks should be made payable to "UBF-Aaron N. Bloch Memorial Fund." Further information may be obtained from UB's Development Office at (716) 645-3312.


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