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UB receives Getty Grant for Martin House conservation

The J. Paul Getty Trust has provided a grant of $91,000 to the UB School of Architecture and Planning to help fund conservation of the historic Darwin D. Martin House.

Bruno Freschi, dean of the school, called the Getty grant "a major symbolic step" in the restoration of the house.

The Getty grant is of particular significance, said Freschi, "because it is the project's first major grant from a private foundation recognized worldwide for its support of major conservation projects. The Martin House is truly among those great buildings worthy of timeless conservation, and this grant offers further public recognition of that fact."

The new grant will be combined with approximately $182,000 raised from other sources to help conserve existing structural elements. Freschi said he was "pleased and delighted to thank scores of volunteers, architectural scholars, elected officials, representatives of the business and preservation communities, the university, and state government for their faith and diligence in supporting the Martin House project from its inception."

The Getty Grant Program supports a wide range of projects involving scholarship in the history of art, advancement of the understanding of art and the conservation of art and architecture. The J. Paul Getty Trust is a private operating foundation dedicated to the visual arts and the humanities.


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