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Classnotes from the 1940's

Lawrence C. McIntyre, Ed.B. 1946, of Buffalo, illustrates the Area Landmark Series in Sunday's Buffalo News and is the illustrator for the recently published book, Church Tales Of The Niagara Frontier.

Gerald V. Marx, B.A. 1948, of Manitou Springs, CO, is a board member of the El Paso/Teller County Unit of the American Cancer Society. He recently won the society's National Honor Citation in Public Education for creating the B-9 Task Force Program, which uses high school students to teach younger students about cancer prevention.

Sheldon Lenahan, B.S. 1949, recently retired from the position of senior vice president at Smith Barney Inc. in Buffalo.

Ralph R. Lobene, D.D.S. 1949, of West Palm Springs, CA, is a semi-retired dentist and a diplomat of the Board of Periodontal Dental Research. In 1993, he received the Alumnus Honor Award of the UB School of Dental Medicine.


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