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Sciences Alumni organize for 1995-96

The Sciences Alumni Association (SAA) board of directors has announced the election of new officers for the 1995-96 academic year.

James R. Gerland, B.A. '86, has been elected president and Martha M. Harris, J.D. '90, Ph.D. '85 & B.A. '78, secretary/treasurer. Appointed committee chairs were Nancy Markwart, M.B.A. '87 & B.A. '63 (nominations); Ted A. Badura, M.B.A. '87 & B.A. '82 (membership); and Stuart D. Gossels, M.B.A. '88 & M.A. '82 (programming). Other elected board members are Joseph F. Ceravolo, M.D. '89 & B.A. '63; Patricia M. Costanzo, Ph.D. '85, M.A. '82 & B.A. '78; Randall K. Stegner, B.A. '80; Mary E. Stock, M.D. '94 & B.A. '85; John R. Tibbetts, M.S. '94, D.D.S. '92 & B.A. '79; and Howard Tieckelmann, Ph.D. '48.

The SAA is a multi- disciplinary group affiliated with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (FNSM) and is a constituent group of the UB Alumni Association. FNSM contains the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics and Physics. Membership in the SAA is open to graduates of FNSM departments and friends who have an interest in the fields listed.

All SAA committees are looking for volunteers. Interested alumni should contact Cindy Nydahl, FNSM alumni relations coordinator, at the University at Buffalo, 411 Capen Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260. She can be reached at (716) 645-2531 or through E-mail at nydahl.offsys@osmail.buffalo.edu.

The SAA is also sponsoring a lecture series to be held the third week of each month. Anyone willing to participate as a speaker, source of topics, or volunteer can reach the program committee through Nydahl.


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