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More on-line opportunities for alumni

Since launching online services this year, UB Today and the Office of Alumni Relations have received hundreds of E-mail responses from throughout the U.S. and points abroad. The mailbag includes feedback on the magazine, questions about current UB research and programs, and electronic reminiscing about one's college days.

From an alumni relations standpoint, the most exciting communiqués have come from graduates who offered variations on the following: "I haven't heard from my alumni association since I graduated. Please put me on your mailing list." We had been unable to locate these individuals through the U.S. Postal Service or through other research. We hadn't moved, but they didn't find us until we went electronic.

Going on-line opens up wonderful, new opportunities. Consider:

An on-line alumni directory so that alumni can access each other electronically, for networking purposes or simply to visit with a long-lost friend. Anyone who would like his or her electronic address listed should contact us with permission and the necessary information.

Posting jobs for students and alumni. Contact Career Planning and Placement's Automated Placement Service at jca@acsu.buffalo.edu.

Downloading articles for personal use. Several teachers have asked if this is permissible-it certainly is. If you plan to republish an article, however, please contact the UB Today editor for permission.

Join the Alumni Association. Our membership director can be reached at bwatts@acsu.buffalo.edu.

Metro New York alumni can get current local program information. Contact Greg Gattuso at ggattuso@aol.com.

Let us know your ideas on how we can serve you more effectively through on-line technology, and keep us in mind when you are "surfing the Web."

You can access alumni information by one of the methods listed below. (Choose "Alumni and Community Relations.")

gopher: wings.buffalo.edu

lynx: http://wings.buffalo.edu

Mosaic/Netscape: Open URL (http://wings.buffalo.edu).

To read UB Today on- line, Open (Http://UBinfo.pub.buffalo.edu/Epubs/UBT/). For easy information on how to log on, send mail to (e-UBT@pub.buffalo.edu).

After Oct. 1, you may access the new UB homepage (http://www.buffalo.edu).


If you have any comments, questions, or would likemore information about
the Office of Publications' on-line projects, please e-mail ubinfo@pub.buffalo.edu