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Metro Club at Carnegie Hall: A night to remember

It was a night to remember at Carnegie Hall as more than 90 members of the Metropolitan New York Chapter (Metro Club) attended a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Pierre Boulez. Among the evening's performers was soprano Laura Aiken, B.A. '86, who was making her Carnegie Hall debut in Boulez's "Pli selon Pli, Improvisation III."

"This is kind of a vanguard group here tonight," said UB President William R. Greiner, who, with his wife, Carol, attended the performance and elegant post-concert dessert reception in Carnegie Hall's East Room. "We hope that this is one of many similar events to come."

Greiner, who congratulated the club on a successful season and a well-planned evening, said that alumni relations would soon become more focused on the New York City area.

"Our hope is that in the not-too-distant future we'll have an alumni office here in New York City," he said. "We have 15,000 alumni in the New York City area, so we're working toward that as a goal."

"We were honored to have President and Mrs. Greiner with us," said Robert Eaton, Ph.D. '93, M.A. '90 & B.A. '87. "And what a thrill to find out that one of our own, Laura Aiken, was making her debut on the Carnegie Hall stage. We couldn't have asked for a better night."

NYC alumni detail other activities

On June 3, the Metro Club welcomed more than 160 incoming UB freshmen and their parents at SUNY/Farmingdale on Long Island. The outdoor event was designed to get students together before orientation and to answer their questions on everything from majors and dorms to phones and banking.

"I see a fairly good reaction from both the students and the parents," said Regina Toomey, UB associate director of admissions. "They've made good contacts. I think they'll feel a lot more at ease when they show up in Buffalo in the fall."

In addition to networking opportunities, the day included a barbecue lunch, volleyball and a raffle with prizes furnished by Campus Tees & Sweats.

On June 8, 75 UB alumni and guests converged on the South Street Seaport for a Thursday evening cruise around lower Manhattan.

The 1995-96 Metro Club schedule includes a Buffalo Bills Monday Night Football Party (Oct. 2); a performance of Chicago City Limits, the improvisational show founded by two UB alumni (Oct. 7); a Bulls vs. Hofstra game (Oct. 27); the sixth annual Buffalo Wing Party (Dec. 7); and the sixth annual Career Networking Night (Jan. 12). For details, consult Metro Express.


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