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Dental School to hold class reunions

All five-year classes will be recognized and honored during a gala dinner dance at the Statler Golden Ballroom on Friday, Sept. 22. The event is a highlight of the Greater Niagara Frontier Dental Meeting set for that weekend.

Raymond G. Miller, '85, is coordinating the reunion program. Reunion chairs and the classes they are coordinating are Irwin Arbesman (1940); Raymond Gibbons (1945); Salvatore La Mastra and Anthony Manente (1955); Lawrence J. Giangreco and Ronald Peterson (1960); Brian Cushing, Paul Chojnacki and David Syrek (1965); Robert Gianadda (1970); Jay Rowland and Lawrence Volland (1975); Gregory George (1980); Michael Ehlers, Stewart Fenigstein, Catherine Gogan and Raymond Miller (1985); and Jeffrey Day (1990).

Alumni who would like more information on the dental class reunions-especially those who have not heard from the reunion committee-can call their class representatives or contact the dental alumni office at (800) 756-0328.


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