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Class of 1995 pledges gift

The Class of 1995 has designated its senior class gift to the Alumni Association-to undertake a feasibility study and plan for construction of a UB Alumni House on the North Campus. The class gift is made in conjunction with the Senior Celebration and the Pride for Five Club. About 600 members of the graduating class contributed to this effort.

The Alumni House is presently envisioned for space on the west shore of Lake LaSalle. The proposed facility is expected to contain a large dining and conference space, and be not only headquarters for the Alumni Association but also the home of constant alumni and campus activities.

"Funds for the Alumni House will come from private gifts, including support from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations, and not from the state or university budget," said alumni director Bill Evitts. "By their gift, the Class of 1995 has put us a long way toward step one-the creation of a program for the building prepared by professional planners and architects. Whatever the completed facility eventually looks like, it will inspire special recognition for the class that got it all started."

The tradition of senior class giving has a long history at UB. Graduating seniors have provided valuable philanthropic assistance for beautifying campus grounds, enhancing academic programs and addressing other university needs.

Members of the Class of 1995 who wish to add their gift to this project can contact the Office of University Development at (716) 829-2630.


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